Giving Back

Yesterday, we publicly announced the launch of G.W.A.P. We did so as NFL players across the league were given the creative liberty to promote causes that are dear to them through the league’s #MyCauseMyCleats program.

We can’t wait to make an impact on our youth, but while doing so, we realize that we are one small part of a local, regional, national, and global community that can use all the role models and positivity it can get. As such, we wanted to acknowledge some of the causes championed yesterday by some of Kenneth’s current and former Chargers and Cougars teammates.  

Dexter McCoil, 49ers S, former Charger

G4WYW (Grind For What You Want) isn’t just a brand it’s a journey and lifestyle…it’s the story of my life coming from nothing to something….it’s a universal phrase that can be used for any age or race in human life….it’s simply as stated, if u want something in life then you have to grind and go get it….
G4WYW is something I live by and still working currently till this day like I was when I was even at my worst….That same Grind can help me appreciate my better times in life knowing that I have completely went all in, nothing was given, and I grind for what I wanted….
Furthermore I am making it my mission to make a positive impact in the world, give back to the future (our youth), and to use my platform as a role model to encourage others to continue to grind for what they want in life…God Bless 

William Jackson III, Bengles CB, U of H Alumnus

#MyCauseMyCleats, In support of the #HurricaneHarveyReliefEfforts and the ones that are still going strong in helping the recovery process!!! @reliefgang x @traeabn x @djmrrogers x @therealtrillionaires you are much appreciated!!! #HurricaneRelief

Melvin Gordon, Chargers RB

Jockey Being Family

Family means everything to me. I feel no matter what every child should grow up knowing they will have a family to help love, support and provide for them forever and I’m thankful @jockeybeingfamily is giving me the opportunity to help support their foundation on a platform that can reach out to millions.

Joey Mbu, Colts DL, U of H Alumnus

Generation One

This Sunday against Jacksonville, I have the opportunity to represent @generationone3 for the #mycausemycleats campaign! Generation One is a non charity organization located in Houston, Texas that aims to break the cycle of poverty in youths in the Third Ward area. My hope in bringing light to this cause is to encourage many others in better situations to go out and share what you have to children of all areas. Whether it be mental, monetary, spiritual, or just making a child’s day by being a listening ear. After all, they are the next generation. 

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