A Message from Our Leadership

In 2017, we started an organization to mentor at-risk youth in our community and provide an outlet and safe-haven for candid discussion on issues of race, sex and family.

There was a void within certain communities in Houston (and beyond) when it came to male leadership and role models. In reality, the real void is bigger than anything we can fix as an organization alone.

The tragic and senseless murder of George Floyd is indicative that no amount of conversation is enough if there isn’t explicit action tied to it, and with all parties holding themselves and each other accountable.

We were founded by two young black men from very different upbringings who are united by a struggle beyond their control because of our skin color. We have channeled the frustrations that have come with societal biases into positivity, and will continue to work with children of all races to teach them how to protect themselves and react when they are inevitably faced with systematic racism.

We can’t do it alone. We call on our allies in government, the educational system and the local police department to stand with us to continue to fight for dignity and equality for all citizens, especially in the black community.

Grind With A Purpose is proud of the work we have done, including our partnerships in local schools with representatives of the HPD. But we cannot and will not remain silent when opponents and allies alike let our communities down. We will hold you accountable, and hope you will do the same with us. We owe it to the next generation to stop this cycle of hatred and violence.

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