The GWAP Program is a curriculum put together by our founders Kenneth Farrow II and Trayveon Greenberry. It instills character traits that will transform the MINDSET of our children as they walk down their paths of adolescence. There are 10 core values that we go over in-depth with the kids in a classroom setting to engage them in intellectual stimulating dialogue.

  • Purpose/Goals
  • Respect
  • Attitude
  • Effort
  • Peer Pressure/Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Honesty
  • Commitment/Perseverance

The kids get to participate in a setting that encourages Self-reflection and evaluation in front of their peers, this has proven to be very impactful. We believe that the first step to higher levels of performance and better behavior start with the ability to identify ones emotions and analyze ones own actions. The program tackles this head on by encouraging a safe space for kids to talk and express themselves fully.